FUNAAB Cut Off Mark 2021/2022 (JAMB & Departmental)

FUNAAB Cut Off Mark For 2021/2022 Session & Latest News

This article is based mainly on The federal University Of Agriculture Abeokuta Cut Off Mark For Both Jamb & Departments. Most students have always been wondering how will they get admitted to this type of school & how will they know the Jamb Cut Off Mark needed before gaining admission into this University.

FUNAAB Cut Off Mark 2021/2022 & Latest News
FUNAAB Cut Off Mark 2021 News

Not only that, some also search for the departmental Cut Off Mark they have to meet before they eventually get the admission on the long run.

This Cut Off mark that would be shared with you will help you to know the range of scores to meet if you really want to get admitted for this particular courses.

When you have an idea about this University Cut Off point. It will set you above your peers who does not have access to this type of information in the aspect whereby your mates will come to you in order to seek knowledge from you concerning this topic.

Over the years, most Intending students popularly known as aspirant (Jamb/Direct Entry) have been seeking for information on How to calculate FUNAAB Cut off Mark.

This question have been in the mind of most Aspirants. I am sure you know someone who also needs answers to this question.

There are some Aspirants who also needs valid information on the total number of courses offered in The federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta.

Some also wants to know how to pay The federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta school fees. I always tell people that we have different portals on this school website. This automatically means the tuition fees can be paid on FUNAAB Portal

Dear readers, have you heard of FUNAAB Post UTME Cut Off Mark, Departmental Cut Off Mark & Cut Off Mark For All Courses, FUNAAB Post UTME Cut Off mark, federal University of agriculture Abeokuta Departmental Cut Off mark, steps to check The federal University of agriculture Abeokuta Post UTME Result, How to check FUNAAB Admission list. The federal University of agriculture, Abeokuta latest news.

Well I am glad to let you know that these three Cut Off marks actually are very similar. The Cut Off Mark For post UTME are the Cut Off marks you have to meet before applying for the post UTME while departmental Cut Off marks is the same with the Cut Off Mark For All Courses.

They are only trying to confuse you.
It is after passing all these Cut Off Mark that you will now be able to gain admission into this prestigious university.

You can always check your admission status through the federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta Portal.

Our fellow beamers, I am glad to let you know that Information is very vital in every organisation or anything you have been known all over nigerians for their competence in passing relevant information to undergraduates, students, Aspirants, and secondary school students. You can always trust on this because we got you covered.

FUNAAB Cut Off Mark For JAMB 2021/2022

All aspirants must have a minimum of 180 in UTME, however there are some courses that does not accept this kind of scores. Instead they accept a minimum score of 200.

On the long run, it is advisable to score very high in JAMB and post Jamb examination so as to stand a chance of gaining admission into this University because this University is one of the most competitive University in Nigeria.

Federal University Of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB Departmental Cut-off mark)


2 Agricultural Economics and Farm Management 180
3 Agricultural Extension and Rural Development 180
4 Animal Nutrition 200
5 Animal Physiology 180
6 Animal Production and Health 180
7 Aquaculture and Fisheries Management 180
8 Animal Breeding and Genetics 180
9 Agricultural Administration 180
10 Crop Protection 180
11 Environmental Management and Toxicology 180
12 Forestry and Wildlife Management 180
13 Horticulture 180
14 Pasture and Range Management 180
15 Plant Breeding and Seed Technology 180
16 Plant Physiology and Crop Production 180
17 Soil Science and Land Management 180
18 Water Resources Management and Agro-meteorology 180
19 Biochemistry 200
20 Biological Sciences 200
21 Chemistry 200
22 Microbiology 200
23 Computer Science 200
24 Mathematics 200
25 Statistics 200
26 Physics 200
27 Food Science and Technology 200
28 Home Science and Management 200
29 Hospitality and Tourism 200
30 Nutrition and Dietetics 200
31 Agricultural Engineering 200
32 Civil Engineering 200
33 Electrical and Electronics Engineering 200
34 Mechanical Engineering 200
35 Mechatronic Engineering 200
36 Veterinary Medicine 200

Are you planning to apply for University of Abuja Undergraduate programmes. If that is the case, see the Cut Off point you must meet before applying

How is Federal University Of Agriculture Abeokuta Acceptance Fee & School Fee

The acceptance fee is N30,750 only. If we add the school fees to this acceptance fee. The total amount of money will be N62,750 in total. This automatically mean the tuition fee is N32,000 for all Courses.

How many minutes is the duration for the federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta Post UTME Examination

The examination duration fakes only 30 minutes. You have to be fast when answering all the questions.

How is CGPA calculated in FUNAAB

For instance, if your total grade Score for second semester is 80. All you have to do is to divide that 80 by your total unit of courses. Let us say your total unit course is 20 unit.
Your cgpa will be 80÷20= 4.00 c.g.p.a

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