JAMB Twitter Handle With Details To Contact Them

JAMB Official Twitter Handle 

Myschoolbeamers, we all know that social media is bad & we also know it is good. It is good because you can easily get access to information as long as you have data on your phone.

It is bad also because of the high rate of fake news being shared. Research has shown that almost all handles related to top celebrities & key figures always have fake account being associated with them.

What I am saying in essence is that if you search for Jamb official twitter handle, you would see a lot of fake handles. If you search for waec or Nysc official twitter handle.

You would see a lot of fake handles that shares fake news. The reason why people hide behind fake handles to carry out this disdainful act, nobody knows.

Sometimes I wonder if people pay such people to carry out such evil act, I realised that nobody pays them a dime. They are only doing it out of their free will.

Personally I think this people behind fake monickers should be tracked down & be arrested. When they are arrested & prosecuted, it will surely serve as a deterrent to others who are planning to go into this evil act.

It would also serve as a deterrent to those who are already in the act. I always tell people that having a fake account and sharing fake news with that account is a criminal act, those perpetrating this evil act are not less a murderer because some of this fake news they share has cut so many lives short. It has destabilise a lot of families. I will share a scenario.

JAMB Official Twitter Handle
Joint admission matriculation board


Olugbade family is a poor family. They are a nuclear family, father, mother and two children. Olugbade is the first son while his sister Aminat is the second & last born.

Olugbade father has a high blood pressure while his mum is okay. Olugbade finished secondary school a year ago but his parents advised him not to register for Jamb that same year just because they cannot afford it.

So they told olugbade to wait till the following year to write The examination. Olugbade parents taught the form will be out within January to march as the form always come out within those months.

But unfortunately, Olugbade came across a fake Social media handle for Jamb and it was stated on that social media handle that jamb form for the following year is already out and it will close in that month of November.

Olugbade shared this news with his parents. They were very anxious to the extent that they were always thinking how they will raise the money for Olugbade Jamb form.

The months they planned for the money is still far. Don’t fake I said olugbade family is poor. This news made olugbade father to give up the ghost because he was always thinking how he would raise the money.

Don’t forget I said he has high blood pressure earlier. And we all know someone with high blood pressure does not need to think too much.

Can you now see why I said those people having fake social media account and using it to share fake news should be arrested and prosecuted.

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How you can know a genuine JAMB official Twitter Handle

  • Look out for its verification: You see those blue tick you normally see at the front of a social media account shows that the account is genuine. The real owners are the ones that has the blue tick in front of the social media account name.
  • Check out its previous posts and see if all they posted came to pass: It is not all Genuine social media that has the blue tick in front of it. If you want to know if the account is genuine. Check out their previous post & see if all they posted came to existence.

The Jamb Official Twitter Handle

The official jamb twitter handle is @JAMBHQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Will 2021 JAMB be Cancelled

No it will not be cancelled. The reason for the delay in Jamb registration is because of the coronavirus pandemic.
What is the date for JAMB exam 2021
The date of the examination has not been announced. The reason is because of the covid 19 pandemic which rocked all countries last year.

Is JAMB Form 2021 for sale

Yes it is for sale.

How do I book an appointment with jamb

A candidate can secure an online appointment, by dialing *55019# using the same SIM (Phone Number) that was used in registering for UTME/DE.

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