JAMB Result Validity 2021/2022 & How Long It Takes To Expire

JAMB Result Validity 2021/22 

Our amiable myschoolbeamers, we are here to share information on how many years Jamb result can be used.

Jamb result validity
Joint admission matriculation board

It is no longer news that there was a time Jamb result was proposed by the ministry of education to last three years. Was this proposed plan achievable? Was it fulfilled? Perhaps, did the plan fell through… Ok whichever way, how many years is Jamb result valid now.

Don’t worry. We got you covered. All the information you need concerning this article are all here in this article. Over the years, Candidates have been seeking this information on how many years Jamb result takes to be valid.

You will know how many years Jamb result validity takes before the end of this article.

Jamb 2021 examination is fast approaching and some students have already start planning ahead. Some are already planning on when they fail the examination, what next? Some students are also anxious to know if they can use their Jamb result 2020 in 2021, some wants to know the JAMB validity period, Some also wants to know how long does JAMB result take to come out.


Other questions asked by students are How long is WAEC result valid, JAMB 2021 result out.

We are not promising you heaven and earth. But we will try our possible best to provide the needed information as regard JAMB Result Validity.

Jamb result validity has been an issue since 2015 and till date the whole issue is still causing confusion both for parents and candidates taking the exams.

It was premium times that first broke up the news that jamb results will now be valid for at least 3 years

What truly happened was that a bill was introduced to amend the act that established the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board JAMB.

The previous act states that all jamb results should be valid for just one year. This act makes candidates to keep writing jamb exams year in year out.

Considering the hardship in the country and the financial burden most parents are having in purchasing jamb forms, the Senate had to wade in and about 2/3rd majority of the house supported the amendment of the bill.

The main purpose of the new bill

  • Extend the validity period to 3 years from the previous 1 year.
    Stop jamb from transferring candidates from their preferred institution to institution they didn’t choose themselves.
  • Reduces unnecessary financial burden faced by parent.
  • Restructure JAMB so that it will be responsive to it core mandate

I must commend this is a nice development by the nigeria senate however the bad eggs in government did not let this great development to materialise based on the fact that it will affect their pockets.

How many years can your JAMB result last

It can last up for a year only. Don’t be deceived by those who said it can last more than a year. No there is nothing like that. Jamb result is only valid for a year. If you were not able to gain admission with that Jamb result for that particular year, you have no choice than to rewrite it. Same process goes to when you failed the examination.

Can I use my JAMB result for 3 years

No the plan by the nigeria senate to make Jamb result valid for three years did not materialise. So therefore Jamb result is only valid for one year.

Can i use this Year Jamb result for Next year

No you can’t. Jamb result is only valid for one year after this it is void.

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