What is The Meaning of ND in Polytechnic in Nigeria?

What does ND mean in Nigeria Polytechnics? You are going to discover the full meaning and definition of ND in this article.

Maybe you have heard that acronym before or you came across it in the Admission requirements of an educational institution or in the job requirements of a company.

Whether you are an admission seeker or a student, it is important that you are familiar with the necessary acronyms like ND, OND, before you are offered the admission.

Meaning of ND in Polytechnic in Nigeria

Full Meaning of ND in Polytechnic

ND literally means National Diploma. It is the first part of your polytechnic education in Nigeria.

It takes two years or more to get your National Diploma Certificate in Nigeria depending on things like part or full time, carry over, strike, etcetera.

The number of semesters for ND is 4 – 6 depending on if you are a full time student or part time student.

After your ND, you can choose to continue your education in Polytechnic by going for industrial training (IT) or you can apply for direct entry into 200 level in any Nigerian University that accepts National Diploma certificate for DE.

It was formerly known as OND, you can full details on that below.

What does OND mean in Polytechnic?

OND means Ordinary National Diploma. This is what it was formerly called before it was recently changed to ND.

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It is the same thing as National Diploma and don’t make the silly mistake of differentiating them.

This article has briefly explained the meaning of ND & OND in Nigerian polytechnics.

If your main purpose of going to study in the polytechnic is to later process your direct entry into the university; don’t forget that you need to meet the full requirements of that institution for DE. I mean things like cgpa, O’ level results, etc.

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