UNIJOS Cut off Mark 2021/22 Session For All Aspirant (UTME & Direct Entry) UPDATED

UNIJOS Cut off Mark 2021/22 Session For All Aspirant

What do we mean by Cut Off mark? It is the bench mark you have to meet before you can gain admission info the University Of Jos.

The main reason why schools make use of Cut Off Mark is simply because they use the process to get the best students out of the Aspirants.

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It is not only the Cut Off they use to choose the best students. They also make use of post UTME screening exercise. That is another way to select the best from the best.

Most students or Aspirant have ended up not gaining admission despite their hard work simply because they did not meet their school Cut Off mark.

Dear readers, I believe you Know how much important this University Cut Off mark is now.

UNIJOS Cut Off Mark 2021/22 Session
Latest news on UNIJOS Cut Off Mark 2021/2022 Season

Another factor that can make students not to gain admission is wrong subject combination. This is another deadly factor most students does not take into consideration before they apply for a school.

Let us use University of Ibadan as a case study, in 2018/2019 session. I know some intelligent people who scored high in UTME & Post UTME. Yet they did not gained admission. These people quickly termed it as “Witchcraft”. Whereas they do not know it was their Subject combination In Jamb that made them lost the admission.

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All these Information are necessary because it will be useful at one point or the other. I am also sure that you will also need information on all these at one point or the other. So therefore ensure you take note of it.

UNIJOS Cut Off Mark 2021/2022

The Jamb Cut Off Mark for University of Jos is 180. However, it is advisable you Score higher in UTME. Having 180 is just to be eligible to write the post UTME. The higher your Jamb Score, the higher chance you have of being admitted.

Departmental Cut off Mark / Post UTME Cut Off Mark 2021/2022

Faculty of Art

  • English 220 and above
  • History & Inter. Studies 230 and above
  • Language and Linguistics 230 and above
  • Mass Communication 240 and above
  • Religious Studies 200 and above
  • Theatre and Film Arts 230 and above

Faculty of Education

  • Arts Education 180 and above
  • Educational Foundation 180 and above
  • Science and Technology Education 220 and above
  • Social Science Education 200 and above
  • Special Education and Rehabilitation Sciences 220 and above

Faculty of Environmental Sciences Cut Off Mark

  • Architecture 220 and above
  • Building 230 and above
  • Estate Management 220 and above
  • Geography and Planning 230 and above
  • Quantity Surveying 230 and above
  • Urban and Regional Planning 230 and above
  • General Studies (Directorate) 230 and above

Faculty of Law

  • Commercial Law 250 and above
  • International Law and
  • Jurisprudence 250 and above
  • Private Law 250 and above
  • Public Law 250 and above

Faculty of Management Sciences Cut Off Mark

  • Accounting 250 and above
  • Business Management 240 and above

Faculty of Medical Sciences Cut Off Mark

  • Anaesthesia 250 and above
  • Anatomy 260 and above
  • Biochemistry 260 and above
  • Chemical Pathology 250 and above
  • Community Health 250 and above
  • Ear Nose and throat (ENT) 250 and above
  • Family Medicine 250 and above
  • Hematology and Blood Transfusion 250 and above
  • Medical Instructional and Technology Unit 250 and above
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences 230 and above
  • Medical Microbiology 240 and above
  • Medicine 270 and above
  • Nursing 250 and above
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology 260 and above
  • Ophthalmology 260 and above
  • Otraumatology and Traumatology 260 and above
  • Paediatrics 260 and above
  • Pathomorphology 260 and above
  • Physiology 260 and above
  • Psychiatry 260 and above
  • Radiology 260 and above
  • Surgery 260 and above

Faculty of Natural Sciences Cut Off Mark

  • Chemistry 230 and above
  • Computer Science 240 and above
  • Geology and Mining 240 and above
  • Mathematics 230 and above
  • Microbiology 240 and above
  • Physics 230 and above
  • Plant Science and Technology 230 and above
  • Remedial Sciences 230 and above
  • Science Laboratory Technology 230 and above
  • Zoology 230 and above

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Cut Off Mark

  • Biotechnology Pharmaceutics 250 and above
  • Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice 250 and above
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry 250 and above
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology 250 and above
  • Pharmaceutical Technology and
  • Industrial Pharmacy 250 and above
  • Pharmacology and Traditional
  • Medicine 250 and above
  • Pharmacology 250 and above

Faculty of Social Sciences Cut Off Mark

  • Economics 230 and above
  • Political Science 220 and above
  • Psychology 230 and above
  • Sociology 200 and above

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Cut Off Mark

  • Theriogeniology and Production 250 and above
  • Veterinary Anatomy 250 and above
  • Veterinary Medicine, Surgery and Radiology 250 and above
  • Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology 250 and above
  • Veterinary Parasitology and Entolomology 250 and above
  • Veterinary Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology 250 and above
  • Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine 250 and above

♣How can I gain admission in UNIJOS

You can gain admission into this institution by studying hard, read extensively. Pray hard and Score high in your UTME and post UTME with the nice subject combination.

♣How Is University Of Jos Aggregate Score Calculated

Jamb is divided by 8 while post UTME is divided by 2. Then add the result together to get the final Aggregate Score.

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