UNILAG Hostel Fees Accommodation List & All You Need To Know

UNILAG Hostel Accommodation

Hello, we are glad you are here again. In this article, we would share with you latest information you need to know about University Of Lagos Hostel accommodation.

Are you a fresher or a returning students and you wish you could live in UNILAG Hostel Accomodation based on the fact that it is near to classes unlike living outside the school which is more expensive.

UNILAG Hostel Accommodation
UNILAG Hostel Accommodation Application Procedure

In this article, we would be talking about how to apply for University Of Lagos Accomodation on UNILAG accommodation portal. Not only that, we would also share with you the Total number of School Hostels University of lagos has.

We would also give you an hint information concerning how UNILAG Hostel is. This will be stated when we are discussing on the total number of hostel the University has. Private hostels in UNILAG will also be talked about.


How To Apply For UNILAG Hostel Accommodation

  • The first thing to do is to pay your tuition fees.
  • After you might have done this, it is also required to register for your courses online through the University of Lagos Portal. It is when you have eventually done this two things that you are qualified to apply for UNILAG Hostel Accomodation and it is then you can ballot for UNILAG Hostel.
    On the day of balloting, it is necessary for students to know that there are a lot of students who goes through balloting. So they are advised to use more than one ballot system to apply for the school hostel spaces so they can stand a chance. However you might be wondering what balloting means in UNILAG. It is a system whereby students struggle hard for the limited hostel space.
  • After doing the two steps above, you might be giving an hostel space, if you are lucky enough. You should ensure you pay for the Hostel Accomodation through remitta within three business days. This is how you can secure it. If you do not pay within three days, you stand a chance of forfeiting the hostel accomodation.
  • The next thing is to wait for when the hostel registration will start so that you can do it.
  • After you have done your hostel registration, then you are free to move in.

How to Ballot for University Of Lagos Hostel

  • The first thing to do is to Go to UNILAG Student portal
  • Thereafter ensure you Log in to your student profile
  • Then Scroll down and click on the accommodation icon
  • Endeavour to choose your desired hostel (scroll down to read about the hostels)
  • Then Click on hostel reservation
  • Endeavour to Confirm your reservation
  • Lastly, Download your hostel slip

Total Number Of University Of Lagos Hostels For Undergraduate

UNILAG Male Hostels

  1. Eni Njoku Hall
  2. King Jaja Hall
  3. Mariere Hall
  4. Saburi Biobaku Hall
  5. Sodeinde Hall

UNILAG Female Hostels

  1. Fagunwa Hall
  2. Honours Hall
  3. Kofo Ademola Hall
  4. Madam Tinubu Hall
  5. Makama-Bida Hall
  6. Queen Amina Hall
  7. Queen Moremi Hall

UNILAG Mixed Hostels

  1. Rastus Akingbola
  2. Henry Carr Hall

How many hostels are in UNILAG

The hostel in UNILAG are 12 in total. Seven hostels is for female while five hostel is for male.

Dear readers, we hope you enjoyed this article concerning UNILAG Hostel Accommodation.

However if you are a UNILAG students, we would like you to share your Hostel life experiences in the comment box below.

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