UNILAG Post Utme 2021/22 Form, Date, Cut Off Mark & Latest News

UNILAG Post Utme Form 2021/2022 Date, Cut-Off Mark & Latest News

Hello, are you among those who are seeking a valid and genuine information on how to apply for the UNILAG Post JAMB Screening Form For The Year 2021. If your answer is yes, then this article is for you.

Well, in this article we will share with you all the relevant information you will need to successfully become a student of unilag. Also, we will share with you the relevant information on University of Lagos Post Utme Form 2021/22 Date, Cut-Off Mark & Latest News.

Unilag Post Utme Form 2021/2022

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Before we begin, let me share you a story on why you should have the knowledge before you venture into anything in this life. Most importantly before you apply for the Post Utme Form. The story goes thus:

Ade finished his secondary school in the year 2014, and since then he has been writing Jamb and Unilag Post Utme for the past few years without success.

Ade mistake was lack of prior knowledge, he only wrote jamb and wrote the post utme because he was craving to enter school.

He did not bother to enquire about the Unilag Post Utme Subjects combination he needs to meet.

He kept on making this mistake every year without success. But one day he sat himself down in the year 2018, after wasting four years without success. He asked himself what is he doing wrong that made him not to gain admission all this years.

He started asking his friends that are now in the tertiary institution that what are the things they make sure they do before they write jamb and before they write the post utme for their desired schools.

His friends told him that the first thing they do is to ensure they Know the Jamb Subject Combination for their desired courses, Then after that They ensure they know The Cut Off Mark of the institution they are applying into.

Then lastly they ensure they find out the school subject combination for the courses they want to apply for.

It dawned on him that it was because of these minor mistakes that have made him to keep on becoming regular customer for both jamb and Unilag post utme.

From that moment, he decided to find out about the cut off mark for his course, he made sure he find out all the relevant information he needs before applying for jamb.

Jamb came and he passed excellently, he did the same for post utme exam and he passed victoriously also. At the end of it all, he gained Admission into the University Of Lagos.

Now, ade is now a student of unilag becuase he ensure he ascertain the valid information at the right time.

So as you can see, knowledge is key and it is very important.

So let us continue to the main motive of this article, as i said earlier, in this article we will share with you all the relevant information you will need to succeed so you can eventually be admitted into university of lagos this year.

What  You  Need To  Know  About The University of Lagos

University of lagos is a federal university in nigeria,so many people mistake it to be a private university but actually, it is not.

Most people thinks it is a private university based on its serene and clean environment, its vast space and friendly environment.

It was established in the year 1962, and it is based in the southwest geographical area of nigeria.

It is a university which thousands of nigerian aspirants wants to gain admission into and that makes the competition into the university very competitive.

UNILAG is a very competitive school and that makes it to always do a post utme exam in order to choose only the best students into the university.

There are some requirements every aspirants who wants to become a student of unilag must meet before they can sit for unilag post utme screening and they are as follows below:

Requirements For UNILAG Post Utme Form 2021/2022

In case you are still drifting away subconsiously from what we are discussing and you are still wondering, what are we even discussing in this article?

Well, we are discussing on what you need to know about 2021/22 University of Lagos screening.

Now, UNILAG Admission Requirement you need to meet before you can apply for unilag post utme exam is as follows:

  1. Aspirants must ensure they have a minimum of 200 as their jamb score before applying.
  2.  Candidates who wishes to gain admission into unilag must make sure they choose unilag as their first choice when filling their details during jamb registration.
  3. Interested applicant must ensure they have at least Five credits in one sittings.
  4. Candidates must be 16 years of age as at the time of application.

Note: Candidates should note that university of Lagos does not accept combination of o level results. They only accept one sittings only.

How To Apply For UNILAG Post Utme 2021/22

You can apply for university of Lagos Post Utme Form through the following procedures:

  1. Visit UNILAG Official Portal on https://unilag.edu.ng
  2. Click on “Admission”
  3. Click on “Post-Utme application”
  4. The next step is to log into the portal with your Utme registration number as username while your password will be surname, it should be in lowercase alphabet.
  5. After doing that, generate and print payment advice.
  6. Visit any commercial bank to make payment or alternatively, you can pay online.
  7. After payment, go back to the University Portal and upload your recent passport photograph and fill in all the required details.
  8. Finally, you will need to print out your post utme acknowledgement slip, this is your pass into the examination hall on the day of your exam.

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning University of Lagos Post Utme Form

It has been brought to our notice that students seeks for valid information and this has made them to be curious and they ask some questions.

So in this subheading, we will share the frequently asked questions (Faqs) concerning the university of Lagos screening. They are as follows:

What Is The Cut Off Mark For UNILAG 2021?

Over the years, the cut off mark for university of Lagos post utme has always been 200.  You need to score a minimum of 200 before you can apply for unilag post jamb examination.

How Do I Prepare For UNILAG Post Utme Screening?

The first step is to pray to your maker that he should help you, then read extensively, study past questions and have faith and be confident in yourself.

Is UNILAG Post Utme For 2021/2022 Finally Out?

For now, the post utme screening exercise for 2021/2022 is not on sale currently, we will update our website once it is out.

How Much Is UNILAG Post Utme Form?

The federal government of nigeria has stated that post utme form for all tertiary institution should not be more than 2000 naira, hence we are glad to inform you that the form is just 2000 naira only.

For any other complaints

If you have any complaints or you want to make any enquiry regarding University of Lagos Post Utme. Follow the steps below.
If you have any complaint or enquiry, send a mail to admissions@unilag.edu.ng

If you don’t prefer sending mail, then you can call unilag on this following numbers: 08182716045, 07046537158, 07043359831, 08182716045, 07026079596 and 07026079595.

In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed all the information we supplied you concerning UNILAG Post Utme screening.

If you have any questions, you can drop it in the comment box below or better still drop your whatsapp number so we can add you to our whatsapp group.


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