UNIPORT Cut Off Mark 2021/2022 (JAMB & DEPARTMENTAL)

UNIPORT Cut Off Mark 2021/22, Jamb Cut Off Mark & Departmental cut Off Mark

University Of Portharcourt Is one federal University in Nigeria that has always been in existence for quite some time now & Over the years.

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The ways Aspirants troops into this University raises concern for me. Yeah, I know you are wondering how students are trooping in this University raises concern for me. Don’t worry, I got you covered. I will explain everything to you in details.

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When I said Aspirants are trooping into this school. What I mean is that the way our Jambites and direct entry Aspirant choose this University is alarming and this has made the school very difficult and competitive to get Admission into. It has always been the survival of the fittest. Also, grace matters.

UNIPORT Cut Off Mark For All Courses
University of Portharcourt Cut off point

I have seen a students that scores lower than another person and he got admission before the one with higher score.

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Yes we know that many factors comes into play when we talk about a student with lower score getting admission first to a student with higher score.

Most students always think it is only about having high score in UTME & Post UTME. Yes it is. But however there are some hidden factors I will share with you today. Please take note.

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The first hidden factor is not having the right subject combination for your course of study. If you scored everything in your UTME examination and your post UTME examination.

There is no way you can get Admission into that your aspired course based on the fact that your subject combination did not tally with what you want to study.

Another factor is the grace factor. There are some people that have all the necessary details and they also scored high but still they do not gained admission into University of Portharcourt.

It is not because the University is bias. No, that is not it. It is because that person lacks grace hence the Institution might not even see him when they are giving admission to people.

All students and Aspirant should note that They can get Information like How to know UNIPORT departmental cut off mark 2021, how to calculate UNIPORT departmental aggregate cut off mark, knowing UNIPORT aggregate cut off mark for nursing & Steps on how to pay UNIPORT school fees can all be found on UNIPORT Portal.

UNIPORT Jamb Cut Off Mark 2021/22

This is to inform the general public that University of Portharcourt Cut Off Mark for 2021/2022 has finally been released. JAMB Cut off mark For all courses is 180.

However, it is advisable to score higher because this University is very competitive.

Not only that, there are some competitive courses that requires you scoring more than 180 in UTME. Some of those courses are Medicine and surgery, Law, Pharmacy and so on.

These competitive courses Cut Off Mark could be as high as having 250 in UTME as their minimum score. I hope you get the message I am trying to pass across.

UNIPORT Departmental Cut Off Mark 2021/2022

They are as follows:

Crop and soil science – 180
Animal science and fisheries – 180
Agriculture economics and extension – 180
Forestry and wildlife management – 180

Medicine and surgery – 200
Nursing – 200
Human anatomy – 200
Human physiology – 200

Dentistry and dental surgery – 200

Human kinetics and health education – 180
Adult and non formal education – 180
Educational foundations – 180
Educational psychology – 180
Educational management and planning – 180
Curriculum studies educational tech – 180

Civil Engineering – 180
Electrical Engineering – 200
Mechanical Engineering – 200
Chemical engineering – 200
Petroleum engineering – 200
Gas engineering – 200
Environmental engineering – 180

Theater arts – 180
English studies – 180
Foreign languages and literature – 180
History and diplomatic studies – 180
Linguistics and communication studies – 180
Philosophy – 180
Religious and cultural studies – 180
Fine art and design – 180Music – 180


Accounting – 200
Finance and banking – 200
Management – 200
Marketing – 200
Tourism and hospitality management – 200

Pharmacy – 200

Physics – 180
Biochemistry – 180
Plant science and biotechnology – 180
Animal and environmental Biology – 180
Microbiology – 180
Geology – 180
Computer science – 180
Mathematics and statistics – 180
Pure and industrial chemistry – 180

Economics – 200
Political and administrative studies – 200
Sociology – 200

How is Uniport cut off mark calculated

They calculate it by making use of your Jamb Score and your post UTME Score together to get the Aggregate. Jamb Score Will make 50 percent of the mark while your post UTME Score Will have the other 50 percent which will make it 100 percent in total.

How can I get admission in Uniport

Read hard, pray hard, have the right subject combination for your course and have faith in God.

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